How does the trial work?

  • We will make the delivery arrangements and send out your pump once your trial purchase has been completed.

  • Your trial duration will begin from the day you receive the parcel.

  • For parcels received after 5PM, your first trial day would begin the next day.

How long can I use the trial pump?

  • Trial Pumps are on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • You may extend your trial duration by dropping us an email at least a day before your trial duration is up.

How do I return the trial pump?

  • We will drop you a WhatsApp text 1 working day before your trial period is up.

  • After your last trial day, please pack the pump into the packaging and seal it in a cardboard box.

  • A courier will then stop by to pick it up within the next 1-2 working days.

  • All return courier fees and arrangements will be covered by us.

Is the trial pump safe to use?

  • Our Cimilre S6 Plus pump is a closed-system pump.

  • All milk flow will only occur within the accessories, hence, no milk/liquid will flow through the pump. This will makes it safe and hygienic for multiple users.

  • Our team will also be cleaning and checking on the pump’s condition upon every return.

  • Pumps with any presence of milk/liquid flow will not be rented out to mummies.

What is the $100 refundable deposit for?

  • The deposit is in place to ensure that all users would take good care of the pump and power adapters, and maintain them in a good and working condition during the trial period. 

  • The deposit will be refunded via PayNow, once our team has received and checked that the pump and power adapters are in good working condition.

  • *The deposit would be void in the event that milk backflow in the pump or mishandling of the pump and/or power adapter is detected. Mishandling includes damages caused by accident, misuse or abuse, alteration, improper maintenance and connected to an improper power supply.

Does the trial pump come with accessories?

  • No, as all pump accessories are hygiene products, we would encourage mummies to purchase their own set of breast shield kits to pair with the trial pump.

  • Click here to view the compatible accessories with the trial pump.

How do I maintain the pump?

  • Always ensure that your accessories are properly secured before starting your pumping session. Normal and proper use would prevent any milk from flowing into the tubes and pump.

  • When bringing the pump out in a bag, we would encourage you to place it into the sleeve provided (white sheet) to prevent risking visible scratches/damages to the pump’s exterior.

  • Please avoid charging and pumping at the same time as this would result in a shorter battery life over time. Only charge when the battery is low/flat, and unplug the pump from the charger when the battery is full.