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The Benefits of a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

The Benefits of a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

As a first-time mum, it can be tricky to navigate through the smorgasbord of different breast pumps commercially available today. Think manual, electric, single, double, open-system, closed-system, and many, many more. A safe bet is to gravitate towards a medical-grade breast pump, or hospital-grade breast pump. Typically, this is referred to as a multi-user breast pump that can be used in a hospital setting, although many mums have one for personal use.

Why Choose a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump?

A hospital-grade breast pump offers a myriad of attractive benefits for mums. Despite being heavier in size relative to a portable breast pump, it more than makes up for it with the different features that we’ll reveal below. 

  • Powerful Pumping: As compared to a standard electric breast pump, a hospital-grade breast pump has a stronger suction. This added strength better imitates your baby’s natural stimulation and milk removal, making it particularly useful for first-time mothers struggling to build their supply.

Plus, Cimilre’s S6+ hospital-grade breast pump comes with two customisable options, the Massage and Expression modes. Other than being able to take control of your pumping, as well as its comfortable use, these modes also stimulate let-down and help express breast milk efficiently.

If you have twins, or face lactation issues like many mums do, a hospital-grade breast pump with added pumping power can be particularly helpful. 

  • Soft and Safe: When you’re pumping at work or trying to do something at the same time, you’re likely to not prefer hearing the noisy whirring of the motor in the background. Cimilre’s hospital-grade S6+ breast pump is extremely quiet, making it an ideal choice to bring to work as needed.

In addition, hospital-grade breast pumps use a closed-system with barriers used to prevent fluids like milk from entering the motor. This makes it a safe activity by reducing contamination.

  • Suitable for Special Situations: Some mothers or babies with certain medical conditions or circumstances can greatly benefit from a hospital-grade breast pump’s unique features. Apart from the stronger suction, it also has a special wavelength and programming aimed to produce the optimal amount of breast milk.

For example, a common reason is to quickly establish your milk supply, especially if you have a premature baby or a baby who has to stay in the NICU for some time. Even if the beginning of breastfeeding is stalled, a hospital-grade breast pump helps to rectify this by helping you kick-start your milk supply.

  • Efficient: Since a hospital-grade breast pump has a stronger suction strength, it means that you do more with less time spent. Gone are the days and nights that you needed to sit there for a long stretch of time in the dark, sleep-deprived and waiting for your pumping session to be over. This makes it a fantastic choice if you need to pump often or fast.

As Cimilre’s S6+ hospital-grade breast pump also has a cleverly built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours, it’s a great device to bring around wherever you go. This feature prevents time wastage, is convenient and complements the efficient nature of a hospital-grade breast pump for the best of both worlds.

  • Gentle Operation: It’s perfectly normal to experience some pain or discomfort when pumping. However, if you’re particularly sensitive to pain, a hospital-grade breast pump, like Cimilre’s S6+ model, can deliver a more pleasant experience with reduced pain levels using its gentle operation.

Ultimately, the breast pump you choose should be aligned with both you and your baby’s needs. That should be the main consideration, and at the same time, you should also think about future usage requirements.

Are you going to use it to pump at work? Does your job involve shuttling around a lot? Do you intend to pump exclusively for a long time? Let these questions guide you to make a wise and informed choice!