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How to Choose Your Breast Pump?

How to Choose Your Breast Pump | Cimilre Singapore

Why Cimilre?

Cimilre is a well-loved popular breast pump brand hailing from South Korea, built to support mom’s breastfeeding journey with the latest pumping technology. Stemmed from the same company which innovated one of the best-selling pumps, Cimilre took a spin-off to provide moms with more breastfeeding options.

To most moms, the breastfeeding journey goes beyond just a couple of months.
With Cimilre’s specialized strong-yet-gentle suction technology, moms can pump comfortably and efficiently at the same time.

In order to support as many moms as possible, Cimilre offers variations of accessories to cater to the comfort of different moms. The latest breast shield design, Free-T, provides a hands-free pumping session to any Cimilre pump, including the hospital-grade S6 Plus.

Our team believes in supporting moms from the heart when it comes to intimate matters like breastfeeding. Drop us a message anytime and we will reach out to you to assist with any concerns/queries you have about about Cimilre.

How do you know which Cimilre pump is the one for you?

We carry 3 unique pumps in Cimilre SG.
Read on to find out the different features, and see which fits you best!

S6 Plus Pump:

The S6 Plus is a hospital-grade pump that’s well-known for being quiet and gentle, while still offering a powerful suction strength. Moms are able to conveniently pump at work or beside the baby’s crib as the S6 Plus’ noise level is as quiet as a library

With it’s round and smooth design weighing at just 850g, the S6 Plus pump is made with combining hospital-grade with portability in mind. So, moms who plan to continue pumping while working from the office, this might be the one for you!

P1 Portable Pump:

The P1’s tagline is “tiny yet mighty” with many moms fawning over its adorable palm-sized design.
Built with a suction that’s just slightly below a hospital-grade pump’s, the P1 is a great add-on to moms looking to pump while on-the-go.

Pump anytime and anywhere with the P1, also boasting the same quiet feature as the S6 Plus, while being feather-light at 250g.

Free-T2 Plus Pump:

Cimilre’s latest edition, a Smart wearable pump, is finally available in Singapore!
Thinking out of the box is one of Cimilre’s forte, hence, our wearables enable moms to pump directly into the bottle (or Cimilre’s unique milk bags), eliminating the need for pouring out milk for feeding or storing.
This way, spilling of liquid gold and risk of contamination will be reduced, keeping both mom and baby happy.

The Free-T2 Plus also give moms the freedom of pumping discreetly when paired with Cimilre’s smart app. Manage your pump’s suction level, record your yield and monitor your milk supply through the app anytime and anywhere.

Want more details about each pump?

Read through our pump comparison table below for more technical aspects of each pump.

What if I need warranty support?

Each pump purchased from us/our official retailers comes with a 2-year local warranty, starting from your little one’s EDD (within 6 months of purchase).

If you have any warranty concerns during these 2 years, reach out to us via our contact form or email, rest assured that our team will do our best to assist you ASAP.

Rental pumps can also be provided during any warranty servicing period, hence your pumping schedule will not be interrupted.